IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise

Make an IMPACT
within the Profitable Real Estate Market with IMPACT Properties

IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise

Put your real estate experience and passion for your community to work with IMPACT Properties!

Not only is integrity, trustworthiness, and high caliber character the foundation of all we do, our business model is proven for high return potential, low overhead, and strong market presence wherever we are! We are a unique combination of virtual and brick-and-mortar real estate approaches, creating the ultimate real estate experience for our communities underscored by a set of core values that drive us forward. Through our founder’s IMPACT Offices, we have a unique “boots on the ground” perspective that enhances our top tier digital tools.


It’s easy to see why investing in IMPACT Properties can make an IMPACT on your future — we will teach you how to  use our proven systems, gain leads through powerful  marketing resources, and experience consistent growth in your exclusive territory. Our morals set us apart from our competitors: we truly care about the communities we are in!


If you want to grow your business, you need support and strategies. We have both. IMPACT Properties is THE solution for today's changing real estate broker landscape. Get ready to change your life become an IMPACT Properties franchise partner!

IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise
IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise
IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise




We listen to your needs to make sure that we understand your goals, plans, and dreams, and then do what is in your best interest.



We fulfill our commitments to our clients and the real estate community. We do not give up and we believe in finishing what is started.



We stand by our decisions and our clients to make sure they get what they need and deserve.



We continue to learn and improve our skills in an ever-changing real estate market, remaining competent and maintaining the highest level of service.



We encourage questions and regularly communicate with our clients and other parties, making sure that everyone is informed and up-to-date.



As a team, we achieve more in less time. We cooperate with each other and outside agents to achieve successful sales transactions with fully satisfied clients.



We do the right thing – the first time and every time.



We give back.

IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise


 Our expert team will continue to provide support for your day-to-day business including unit operations, maintenance, customer-service techniques, product ordering, pricing guidelines and administrative procedures.


 Our team understands the best marketing strategies to be in the top percentage in any area.  We work with existing agents to increase their online visibility, especially using Facebook and Google PPC Campaigns.  Our sales strategies WIN LISTINGS!  With More listings, we have more signs in the yards, boosting brand recognition and visibility.


 Ongoing research to boost until level profitability, consistently updated training opportunities to better penetrate the market, and refresher training courses are all additional perks with our franchise!


IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise


 The First Step to IMPACT Properties Ownership

Our team wants to hear from you! To get started, fill out the form and let us know your level of interest.

 IMPACT Properties Team Meets You!

Our team wants to get to know you and wants you to get to us. We will schedule a virtual or in-person meeting to go over additional questions and details.

 Discover the Difference

IMPACT Properties invites you in for an up close and personal look at our operation. Discovery Day is the time to ask questions and get a feel for how each IMPACT Properties is operated. 

 Let's Review

Next, our team will send you a copy of the IMPACT PropertiesFranchise Disclosure Document (FDD) for your review. You will have 14 days to review the document.

 Apply for Financing

After the FDD review, this is the time to apply for financing if needed!

 Your Ownership is Official

Once we have all decided to move forward, you will review our FA (franchise agreement), sign the appropriate documents, and make your franchise ownership official. You are now an IMPACT Properties franchise partner!

 In-Depth Training Starts Here

Our training program is simple and straightforward, packed full with everything you need to know to operate, launch, and sustain your IMPACT Properties franchise. Once you launch, our field support team is always here to help!


 Initial Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee is $25,000 and the minimum estimated cost is $114,200 which includes the franchise fee.

 Our Support

Support is what sets you up and keeps you moving towards success! With effective procedures, easy-to-use platforms, and a solidified group of field consultants, we’ll help you grow to greatness with our support team by your side!

 Control Your Path

We are looking for people with a passion for entrepreneurship and a love for their community. Real estate industry experience is a must-have. Our franchise partners need to meet our minimum financial requirements.

IMPACT Properties  |  Franchise Opportunity  |  Real Estate Franchise